What I Know Well






What I Can Help With

Do you know that most single women and men often can’t find the one due to limiting beliefs?

‘’I’m not lovable!’’

‘’No one great will marry me!’’

‘’There is no good men out there.’’

Do you know that these create a story of ‘failures’ which only attract more ‘failures’ rather than LOVE? I know you have tried it on your own, but without success. Or maybe he rejected you (no more contact) or worse he just left you broken-hearted because he wasn’t ready for marriage?

I know what it feels like to be there. I went through it myself. Having now found the ONE & living our life of mutual LOVE & UNITY, I am now able to guide you to have the same.

Do you know that the most successful marriages are the ones based on mutual understanding?

‘’Are your communication & conflict resolution skills ready to build a marriage of success?”

‘’Do you have the knowledge of how to maintain a successful, lasting marriage of trust & support?”

‘’Are you ready to tackle the difficult topics that will come up when living together and being married?”

Let’s get ready for this union together.

A failed marriage ignited my search for real LOVE & UNITY resulting in my current partner who is my best friend, love of my life, helpmate & someone I can grow with and admire. I know now what it takes to be & stay in a happy relationship and I am now able to guide you to enjoy the same wonderful experience.

The Baha’i Community

As a devoted follower of the Baha’i Faith, I believe being a Baha’i means to love humanity and be of service. Helping individuals to have successful marriages is how I choose to be of service.


The main goal of the Baha’i religion is to promote unity in the world, the family is the first unit of society. That’s why I specialise in serving my fellow Baha’is by giving them the skills they need to find love, build lasting relationships and reach unity in mankind – unity between men & women.


What My Clients Say


Pooneh’s perception, compassion and patience enabled us to quickly gain trust as she created an environment where we felt free to express ourselves.

Bahiyyih & Jean-Pierre

Pooneh’s expert skills assisted me to break habits & patterns that I was unable to do myself.


Pooneh is a very attentive, encouraging and talented professional, that seeks to give you her very best.

David & Lisette

Pooneh provided me with the tools and realistic solutions I needed to make the changes to turn around my life.


Pooneh is extremely non-judgemental, gentle and patient. We felt the freedom to say what we wanted and take responsibility.

Sahar & Kevin

I had a trusting relationship with Pooneh, she listened to my individual needs and worked according to them.